June Donaldson and Edward Garry live at an altitude of 2,600 metres in Mosoj Llajta, Yotala, 20 minutes from the colonial city of Sucre in Bolivia, South America. Using earth and stones from the land, we have sculpted beautiful buildings which compliment the high desert landscape and incorporate creative and innovative elements of design.

We have designed a high quality hotel in Sucre for guests who want to get off the treadmill of travelling from city to city in South America. At Sky Hacienda you can dictate your own timing and choose how to enjoy your stay, whether it is doing very little or exploring the best that the Andes in Bolivia has to offer.

29 July 2009


Buying land in Bolivia is incredibly easy in theory. Once the papers are produced proving title a search is performed to make sure there are no outstanding loans or mortgages on the property. Then a document is drawn up with the owners agreeing to sell and the buyers agreeing to buy, it is notarized and once the money is handed over, so are the deeds to the land.

Of course I won't mention that the ID card of one of the owners was 8 years out of date, that there was less land than indicated on the original plan (resulting in a nice reduction for me in the price) and that my bank manager in France initially refused to send the money unless i returned in person to authorize the transfer!!!...


La Muse said...


So cool everything that you and Ed are doing!

Well done!


La Muse

June Donaldson and Ed Garry said...

Thank you!
It helps to have inspiration from projects such as La Muse.